Instructions for Oral/Poster


Instructions for Oral Presentation
Keynote presentations will be held in the mornings of Aug.21-25, 2017. Plenary speakers will be given 45 minutes for their presentation, including 5-10 minutes for Q & A.
Symposium oral presentations will be arranged in the afternoon of Aug.21, and all day on Aug.22-24. Symposium oral session speakers will be given 20 minutes for their presentation - this includes 3-5 minutes for Q & A.

Instructions for Poster Presenters
Poster sessions will take place  at the fixed time during August 21-24. Please put your poster to the designated place and remove it according to the schedule indicated in the abstract acceptance letter. Please make sure your poster to fit the following requirements.

• The poster will be 90 cm wide by 120 cm tall。
• Allocate the top of the poster for the title and authors as stated on the submitted abstract. 
• The text and illustrations (figures, tables, charts, etc) should be legible from a distance of 2 m.
• Double sided tape will be available for the mounting of posters. 
• DO NOT write or paint on the poster boards. DO NOT use nails, push pins, screws, or any tools that will puncture the poster boards.
• Please refer to your abstract acceptance letter and/or the Final Program book that you will receive upon arrival at the Congress for the poster board number assigned to you.
• Please use the board with the same number.